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It is our pleasure to introduce MyMarket.co.nz to you.

MyMarket.co.nz is an online international market where it is our aim to bring people and cultures together by gathering everyone in one place.

My Market.co.nz groups international food together and presents them to you in one central place.  Now you can easily buy whatever you need for your kitchen with just a few clicks and have your goods delivered to your door.

As New Zealand’s population and ethnic diversity increases, we are all becoming familiar with and adopting foods from all over the world.   At present there is huge demand for a wide range of quality ingredients from both immigrants and the NZ consumer market itself for everyday use.

Have you ever attempted to get all the grocery items in one place that you need to satisfy your multicultural kitchen and enable you to enjoy the different tastes and dishes?  It’s certainly not easy.

It can take considerable time, money and effort just to ensure you have the basic ingredients on hand.  In fact just trying to find exactly what you require is extremely difficult without the ability to compare prices, quality, etc.

Now is the time to get whatever you need, from whatever culture you desire with a simple click of a mouse


We bring the world to every New Zealanders’ door.

Happy cooking

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